67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

If you’re looking to… 

  • Build your brand
  • Expand your sphere of influence & grow your database
  • Get more clients and referrals

Then you’ve come to the right place!

We crafted a checklist of 30 things that we recommend you implement immediately to score your next client! Here’s our recommendation for how to use this article effectively:

  1. Print it out and check off the tasks once you’ve completed them. Or, transfer these tasks on to a task management software. Whichever you prefer.
  2. Dedicate 1 hour every day to working on these marketing projects, and chip away at them, one by one, day by day.
  3. Once you have completed each project, you will then need to circle back around, for round two, to go deeper and do more in each of these areas.
  4. After 2 or 3 rounds, you will find which approaches work better for your personality, your market, and your goals. Pick them, and double down on them!

Here are our goals for this article:

  • If you’re new to real estate, this will help you get established, make a living, and not become a statistic of realtors who fail.
  • If you are a veteran, chances are you are already implementing some of these steps with your marketing budget. Therefore, identify what you are not doing and take action!

Bottom Line: these methods have been proven to work by the founders of Parkbench and hundreds of our clients.

Now let’s get started!

1) Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook Pages can be a great source of new business for real estate agents. However, if you truly want to harness the power of Facebook Business Pages then you need to optimize the page, so that potential clients find you when they are looking for real estate services in your area.

Become A Local Leader Faceboook Page

Checklist for Optimizing Facebook Business Page

  • Complete a short and long bio with keywords of your target area. There are 2 bio sections.
  • Profile Photo: If you are a solo agent, use a professional high-quality head shot photo of yourself for the profile. If the business page is for a team, get a professional HQ photo of the team (ie take a picture of the people on the team. Do not put the logo of the team as your profile photo. It’s not personal.
  • Cover Photo: Change this up. Try a skyline of the area you serve. Try a photo of a house you recently sold. Switch the photo up based on seasons. A notification is sent to all your followers when you change this photo, and because of it’s size, it can leave a positive impact on the people who visit your page.
  • Verify a phone number with Facebook
  • Make sure you use a verified business address for your Facebook page
  • Check and make sure that the Facebook page category is set to real estate.
  • Use a URL to your website on your Facebook page
  • Use Facebook’s Call To Action (CTA) Feature. For example, set up a “Call Now” or “Contact Us” CTA. This has proven to work well with real estate agents.
  • Post at least once every day. Motivational Quotes. News. Events. Listings. Opinion. Statistics. Anything. Just do it. Don’t worry about the content sucking. It’ll be forgotten in 24 hours. But if you don’t post frequently, you will be forgotten.
  • ADVANCED: Use custom tabs to get home seller and buyer leads directly into Facebook using a landing page software.
67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

2) Verify Your Business With Google For Better SEO

Did you know that you can verify your real estate business with Google and show up in search results for Google Search and Maps?

The way you verify your business is using Google My Business. We have a complete guide on that for you.

Once you have verified your business it will show up on related real estate local search.


3) Post 5 Articles About Your Area

Prerequisite: You have a website with a blog section that you can write on.

The easiest way to rank in local SEO results is to create useful & unique local content.

When you create local content for your target market you are adding value to your community. The content should not be a sales pitch. However, you can use the sidebar or the bottom of the article to pitch about your real estate service.

Don’t know what to write about? Use Google Keyword Planner or SEMRush to find exact keywords and phrases that people are searching for in your area. Pick 5 that you feel comfortable with and start there!

ADVANCED: Write content on keywords that have reasonable search volume, however, the competition is to to be on the first page in a week. This is the arbitrage of content marketing. Because if you write about “New York Real Estate”, you’re unlikely to get onto the first page and will get zero traffic to your blog. However, if you write about “Condos in New York with Good Gyms”, although less people search this, you stand a better chance of showing up on the first page and therefore will get traffic to your blog.

Remember the purpose of writing content is not to write what you think is important, it’s to write what the data is saying people think is important.

Also, the GOAL of writing content is to get people to your site, to give value, to establish trust and credibility, and to inspire people to contact you so you get leads and make MONEY!

Here are some more examples of topics to write about:

  1. Complete guide to schools in CITY
  2. Top 10 things to do in CITY
  3. Best places to visit in CITY
  4. Best restaurants in NEIGHBORHOOD
  5. A real estate market analysis for NEIGHBORHOOD
  6. Information Guide for NEIGHBORHOOD

4) Review 10 Local Businesses In Your Area

Here’s why you want to review 10 local businesses in your area:

  1. It provides value to the business, increasing the likelihood they will use you and refer you
  2. It demonstrates your local knowledge, which will increase your credibility to local consumers.
  3. It will boost the SEO of your website (if done on there).

There are two ways of approaching the review.

  • Review On Your Own Website – Write a descriptive review of 10 businesses in your area. When you post them on your website you will not only have original content for the visitors but also business owners in the community would know that a realtor actually mentioned their business.
  • Review on Different Review Sites – Write reviews of local businesses on Yelp, Parkbench, YellowPages, TripAdvisor, and other directories.

5) Upload Your Sold Listings On YouTube

YouTube Marketing is one of the easiest and most reliable mediums to get new real estate clients.

Prerequisites: You have a youtube channel. Check out our guide on getting started with video marketing for real estate agents and brokers.

Note: If you have a Gmail account you just need to activate your YouTube channel.

Note: If you’re saying to yourself, “oh all this stuff is so complicated,” suck it up buttercup and just figure it out and do it 🙂

Action steps:

  1. gather pictures for all your sold listings and create a slideshow video for each one of them.
  2. Turn this slide show into a video and upload it to YouTube.
  3. Insert information about all the homes in the description of the video.
  4. Insert all your contact information in the description of the video.
  5. Use a call to action like “Call Your Local [area name] Real Estate Professional today at: [phone number].

6) Boost Your Blog Posts On Facebook

In step #3 we asked you to write 5 blog posts about your area. When your posts are ready make sure that you share and boost these posts through your Facebook page.

BALL Boost Post Example

On your Facebook page you will see a blue button that says “boost post”. Click on it to get started with Facebook Ads.

If you are doing this for the first time you may need to create a Facebook Ads Account and update it with a new payment method.

Check Out Our Detailed Guide On Facebook Ads For Real Estate Professionals

Recommendations for boosting:

  • Only advertise to people who live in your area.
  • If you want to target more specific types of people (e.g. income levels), then do so using the behavior targeting feature inside Facebook Ads.
  • Recommended spend: $20, spread out over 4 days. The minimum spend: $5 per day

7) Implement Retargeting Using Google Adwords

Retargeting or tag marketing is quite popular among Real Estate Professionals these days, and if you’re not doing it, we recommend you start now.

Here’s the concept: when someone visits your website you tag them. Then, you show your ads to them when they visit other websites (e.g. Kijiji & CNN). This approach helps your brand stay in front of them and it helps you advertise in front of people who already expressed interest in you. Retargeting is extremely effective if you are consistent with your branding across multiple channels.

To get technical, this technology is possible using pixels and browser cookies.

To execute this plan properly we recommend you:

  • Hire a designer to create multiple display banners for your real estate brands.
  • Learn how to do this yourself or hire a professional. You can fuck it up and waste money.

Some of the most common sizes for Google Display Network retargeting are:

  • 300px-250px
  • 728px-90px
  • 300px-600px
  • 428px-60px

If you want to do this on your own, check out these companies:

  • AdRoll
  • AdWerx

If you want an expert in retargeting to manage this for you, BALLER marketing, a subsidiary of Parkbench.com, can do this for you at the most economical price on the market.

If you’re interested in this retargeting service, contact: [email protected]

Definition: BALLER stands for: Become A Local Leader

8) Generate Home Seller Leads Using Google Adwords

If you want the fastest result from all your marketing efforts (not necessarily the best long-term strategy) then you need to create a dedicated home seller landing page and promote it in front of potential clients looking to list their homes.

The most common type of landing page is the “Free Home Valuation.”

Homeworth landing page example

We’ve tested this landing page across the US and Canada, in Tier 1 markets, as well as rural markets, and it works everywhere. Once this is setup, run an AdWords campaign for it.

Once you start getting leads make sure that you follow up with them aggressively.

9) Execute a Geographic Farming Strategy using Print Marketing

“Does print marketing still work?”

That’s the question many Real Estate Professionals are asking these days. Well, the most accurate answer is, “it depends.”

It depends on:

  1. The turnover rate of your market
  2. The demographics of your market
  3. The competition in your market
  4. The quality of your flyers
  5. The duration of your print marketing strategy

Because the response rates of print marketing are going down, it is primarily a branding play.

However, there is math to print marketing that you can use to calculate your expected ROI and what ad spend it will likely take to get deals from print marketing.

Read this blog on the success formula of print marketing

Watch this video that compares print marketing with lead generation and the Parkbench.com Local Leader Marketing System.

If you do print marketing, here are some other recommendations:

  • Consistency: the look of your print should match the look of your online advertising.
  • Value: try to add value on your flyers. Example: market information, tips, etc.
  • Funny: try using photos of yourself from the past, even if it’s not high quality. Sending a photo of you in your Halloween outfit for an October flyer will stand out and realtors who have been bold have seen the response rates increase.

10) Visit Local Business Meetups

A great way to expand your database and sphere of influence is to go to local meetups in your community.

Now, make sure you are actually interested, because then you can have meaningful conversations, develop meaningful relationships, and therefore, generate meaningful referral leads for your real estate business.

Now, this doesn’t mean stay within your comfort box. The key to business success is to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Therefore, if you like fitness, try a bunch of fitness/sport-related groups. For example, you may not be that good at tennis or squash but lots of rich people are, and if you want to sell higher priced homes, this could be a strategic networking decision.

Bottom line: meeting different business people from various backgrounds will help you increase your sphere of influence. The key is to learn how to network efficiently and effectively.

Action Steps:

  • Visit sites like meetup.com and Parkbench
  • Join groups and find local events
  • GO!

11) Create A Useful Facebook Group For Your Community

When you want to stand out as a prominent realtor in your community, you should do something that helps the entire community in general.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get like minded people together in your neighborhood is to create a Facebook group.

The best groups are those that are general for “people in the community to talk about and share anything.” This means the group will likely be called something like “THE AREA NAME RESIDENTS.”

BALL private group

Now you can definitely talk about real estate in the group, however, if you want people to engage regularly, it needs to be more all-encompassing, where people talk about news, events, deals, politics, buy/sell/share classifieds, jobs, etc.

OR, if you want to create a group for your city, where the population is much larger, you can create a group for all people who live/work in the area who have a common interest. For example, “Tea lovers in Toronto.”

In this example, real estate will not be talked about, however, you will likely be able to create meaningful relationships with these people since you have this interest, and then privately, one on one, you can talk about real estate.

Bottom Line: when people get together and share information, it can be an extremely effective source of networking to generate new real estate clients.

12) Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For Local SEO

LinkedIn is the world’s largest network for professionals. There are over 450 million users, and people are, on average, on it every single day.

Did you also know that your LinkedIn profile often ranks well in search results on Google when people search your name.

Therefore, you must master this platform if you care about the success of your business.

There are lots of features on LinkedIn’s profile that you can use to boost your SEO and get more people to contact you from your profile.

Check Out Our Complete LinkedIn Guide For Real Estate Professionals.

13) Maintain A CRM

What is a CRM? A Customer Relationship Management System.

In laymen’s terms: a place to put information about all the people you know or want to know.

Now, a CRM does not need to be some expensive software. It can be a google or Microsoft excel sheet. For 90%+ of realtors, this works just fine.

However, if you are buying lots of leads, then having a more sophisticated CRM that integrates with your lead generation will be worth the investment. Here’s why:

  • It can automatically notify you on your phone when a new lead comes in
  • It can automatically funnel these leads into an email marketing system
  • It can send you reminders to call people at specific intervals to increase lead conversion
  • It can send you reminders to stay in touch with your strong relationships.

Smart Marketing Scenario: You connect your CRM to your email marketing system and tell it to send out a birthday wish email to everyone in your database when it’s their birthday.

Here are our CRM recommendations:

  • Google Sheets. Free. Mobile. Easy. Simple.
  • HubSpot CRM. Free. Options to buy add-ons to make it more sophisticated as you need it.
  • BoomTown: most popular of the paid ones.
  • Commissions Inc: super premium price with super premium features. Best for big teams with big budgets.

Bottom Line: Your real estate business is your database. The size and quality of it will determine your success. Real Estate Information is NOT your business. Relationships ARE. Invest time and money into mastering the growth and nurturing of your database.

14) Ask Your Friends & Relatives For Referrals

Next time you hang out with your friends and relatives, ask for referrals.

Now, there are good ways to ask for referrals, and there are bad ways.

Here are our quick recommendations on how to do it properly:

  1. Make sure you have given them value in the past. Being a supportive friend or family member is value. So is helping them with their business or projects.
  2. Don’t bother with small talk. Make the point of that dialogue about asking for referrals.
  3. Make the person feel good about doing it by letting them know: it will help you succeed, you will appreciate it, they will feel good by helping you succeed, and they will feel good by giving their friends a great realtor.
  4. Be assertive & specific. Don’t ask “do you know anyone who is moving”? Ask, “who do you know that is moving in the next 3 months”?
  5. Ask multiple times. It’s a reflex for people when asked if they know anyone who might need a realtor to say something like, “not right now,” “I can’t think of anyone,” “hmmm, let me know about that.” However, statistics show that most people do know 1-3 people who are moving in the next 12 months. Therefore, ask again. “I hear you. What names are popping up in your head right now? Because even if they aren’t moving soon, I’d love to educate them about real estate so when they move, they are better prepared.”
  6. Hand them a bunch of your business cards and don’t be shy about it.

New Real Estate Professionals often make their first few deals from referrals.

Seasoned Real Estate Professionals make a consistent living from referrals.

Real Estate Professionals who want to slow down make great passive income from referrals.

Bottom Line: you will not get referrals if you do not ask for referrals. Just do it.

15) Implement Email Marketing

Let’s say you have a list of emails that you want to tap into.

The best way to convert your list into clients is to create a drip campaign and offer something valuable for them.

Yes, open rates are going down in email, however, it is STILL the #1 form of digital communication. Therefore, Implementing an email marketing strategy is an absolute necessity in 2017.

Which CRM should you choose:

  1. Your CRM may provide an email marketing system. (that’s a reason why it costs more)
  2. MailChimp, ConstantContact, and GetResponse are the most popular in the world.
  3. AutoPilot is the new upcoming software that tech savvy marketers enjoy.

The right email marketing software is one that:

  • Aligns with the size of your database
  • Can be upgraded as your database increases in size
  • Is within your budget
  • Is easy for you to use.

We recommend MailChimp or GetResponse as they are competitively priced and most easy to use.

17) Curate real estate content on Pinterest

Yes, you heard us right, Pinterest can be a great source of generating new business in your local area. The thing about Pinterest is that not many people know how to tap into their ecosystem to get direct results.

Tips to grow your real estate Pinterest account

  • Once you create an account on Pinterest make sure to switch it to a business profile.
  • Upload photos of your current listings and recently sold listings as separate boards.
  • Create different boards for different topics: local news, home decoration, technology trends, luxury homes, etc.
  • Fill your boards with new pins & reins.
  • Make sure that there is a direct link to your website from your Pinterest profile.

18) Answer real estate related questions on Quora.com

Quora.com is a great platform to help others and get help on certain topics. Users can post a question for any topic and the quora experts are there to help. Many Real Estate Professionals and other business professionals found massive success by actively participating on Quora.

quora example

Actions Steps:

  • Create an account on Quora with your Facebook profile.
  • Start actively participating in real estate related questions by answering them.

Your Goals:

  • Demonstrate your real estate expertise: help people learn about the real estate market, how to get a mortgage, whether they should go for a semi-detached or detached
  • Demonstrate your local expertise: see if you can find questions about ANYTHING in your neighborhoods, zip codes, and city.

Context: Quora answers also rank well on Google.

Therefore, when you answer more questions and help more people on Quora:

  • You will be boosting your online presence as the go to local realtor.
  • If you add links to your website and social media, you will see an increase in organic traffic.

Bottom Line: Give Quora a try and post consistently because the law of giving applies: give more, get more.

19) Tweet, Retweet, and Follow Influencers

Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms in the world with over 300 million users.

However, it is often overlooked by real estate agents as a channel that can help generate new clients.

Prerequisite: You have a Twitter account.

Action Steps:

  • Start by following 10-20 influencers in and around your local area.
  • Tweet every day, as many times per day as possible. The limit is 120 tweets.
  • Buy Robolike and auto like all tweets with hashtags that relate to your neighborhoods, zip codes, and city.
  • Buy RoundTeam and auto retweet posts made by specific twitter users that you want to show love to, or tweets with specific hashtags that you outline on the software because they relate to your neighborhoods, zip codes, and city.


  • HootSuite & Buffer are the top 2 social media management platforms.
  • PostChron is the most economical software for bulk scheduling hundreds of tweets.
  • Use Hashtagify to discover more hashtags to use when tweeting your content.

20) Use A Marketing Budget Template & Stick To It


  • Most realtors don’t have a marketing budget
  • Most realtors don’t stick to a marketing budget
  • Most realtors don’t know how to calculate ROI
  • 87% of realtors fail within 5 years

Think there is a correlation between the first 3 points and the last one? You bet!

Solution: Use an excel sheet to keep track of your marketing spending throughout the year.

The fundamentals on how to use a marketing budget:

  1. Divide your marketing budget into different channels like Print, facebook ads, Google ads, whatever you want
  2. Create a budget to spend on each
  3. Track what you actually spend on each

21) Launch A Community Podcast

Launching a podcast focusing on your community allows you to gain followers especially if you are consistent with it.

What is “consistent”?

  • 1 podcast per week is good
  • 1 podcast per month will work if you do it for 1-2 years straight.

Benefits of starting a podcast:

  • Fun!
  • Demonstrate your expertise
  • Stay top of mind
  • Network with influencers through an interview

Check Out Our Guide For Launching Your Podcast.

Here are some ideas:

  • Talk about local real estate
  • Talk about things happening locally
  • Answer live callers with their real estate inquiry
  • Team up with local influencers to promote your podcast.
  • Upload your podcast to iTunes, SoundCloud, and other podcast stations.

22) Create A Home Buyer’s Guide For Your Area

If you are serious about working with a lot of buyers, you will want to generate buyer leads. Fortunately, these leads are much easier to generate than seller leads.

Therefore, we recommend you invest your time and effort in creating a customized home buyers guide for your area.

Unlike Zillow and Trulia who already have a general home buyers guide on their site, your e-book should focus on your local market.

How do you make it look good? You can hire an e-book designer from Upwork to compile your content.

Another great tool to design and publish your E-book without learning any new skill is Microsoft Powerpoint.

When your e-book is ready, promote it on Facebook, and target millennials and people “likely to move” under behavioral targeting.

23) Advertise On Your Local Radio Station

Local radio is proven to be a great tool for getting new clients, particularly in suburban areas.

Why? The local radio stations have a loyal following in such places.

When you are advertising with your local radio station make sure that you choose a time slot when people are likely to listen. Morning rush hours and evening rush hours are often priced more…for a reason.

Also, if the local station has a popular show you can ask them if you can feature yourself there.

When creating the ad for your local radio station, make sure that you choose a phone number or a URL that’s catchy and easy to remember.

How do you know if it is? Try saying to it friends and family ONCE and see if they can remember it.

24) Go Heavy With Facebook Videos

Facebook Videos is emerging as an incredible marketing channel for the real estate industry.


  1. Video is the most favored form of content in 2017
  2. Consumers are more likely to trust you as their go to Real Estate Professional if they constantly see you.

Getting Started With Facebook Videos

  • START 🙂
  • Create videos about your neighborhood. Feature the schools and popular events in your area. Do videos on the houses you’re showing or selling. Literally anything about the area/topic that you want to be viewed as the expert will work.
  • Share it with your Facebook followers.

Don’t be too critical of your video skills. If you’re consistent, people will admire you.

Also, don’t upload your video to YouTube and post the link on Facebook. You need to upload the video file directly to Facebook.

However, don’t forget YouTube. Upload the same video to BOTH channels.

Fun Fact: Parkbench.com & the Local Leader System makes it easy for realtors to get in front of business owners, professionals, and teachers, to interview them because we give the realtor a platform that people in the community actually want to be featured on.

25) Host A Community Event Yourself

Hosting an event in your area allows people in the community see you as a leader.

When you organize an event, you have a great reason to connect with lots of people and build relationships with them.

Upon completing the event, you have ammo that you can use at your listing presentation to separate yourself from your competition.

Yes, putting on an event is a lot of work, however, you will love the results.

To make things easier, try to collaborate with other businesses and community groups in your area.

Here are some great ideas:

  1. Easter egg hunt – buy chocolate eggs and put on a hunt in a park for families
  2. Booze Cruise – rent a boat, get a DJ, and sell tickets
  3. Halloween Pumpkin Patch – Buy pumpkins and hand them out in the community
  4. Movember Party – buy chocolate mustaches and get people to buy them for charity
  5. Block Party – Rent Tables, Get lots of home-based businesses involved and put on a mini trade show in your neighborhood.

26) Host Open Houses For Busy Real Estate Professionals

Many top Real Estate Professionals work with multiple listings a week. Sometimes they want another Real Estate Professional in their office to host their open house. Look for these opportunities and try to host these open houses.

Here are some recommendations:

  • Don’t take an open house for a house you do not think will sell. You are attaching yourself to the success of this house.
  • Promote the listing on your Facebook page.
  • Boost open house events on Facebook in order to get more people to show up for the open house.
  • Focus on turning the people who walk into the open house into clients.

27) Contribute To Local Blogs & Newspapers

We are not talking about an advertisement here…

Local blogs and newspapers often have a niche but loyal following. You should make a list of all the blogs and relevant news publishers in your neighborhood.

Try to approach them for a guest article. You can write about the real estate forecast for the year or some other related topic. The goal here is to work on your bio.

Once your article is published you will be at an advantage because:

  • locals will know who you are.
  • you get a backlink to your own site which helps boost your search engine ranking.

28) Stop Buying Likes and Backlinks Immediately

Some Real Estate Professionals try to get massive followings on Facebook by buying “like packages” from different companies.

Other Real Estate Professionals try to boost their SEO by buying “backlink packages” from SEO companies.

Don’t be one of these REALTORS®!

You should avoid these kinds of services like a plague. Not only does it hurt your branding in the long term WHEN people find out (don’t think you can hide it), but you will get penalized!

ALL social media companies can find out and shut down your account, and Google will actually penalize you and DE-INDEX your website for malicious SEO practices (ie. you won’t show up in google).

To add even more reasons why you should NOT buy likes…even Facebook has now said that fans and followers do not matter very much because they’re too big, and the only way to get your message in front of people is to advertise or boost your posts.

Now, if you have 200 loyal Facebook followers who like and share your content consistently, you will reach wider audiences and when prospects are looking at your Facebook page, you will seem credible and trusted.

Insight: When realtors complete interviews on parkbench.com, it gets shared by the person being interviewed, as well as the realtor. On average, each interview generates 255 unique visitors to it because the friends and fans of the realtor and the interviewee RE-SHARE the content.

29) Hire Someone To Do An SEO Audit To Find Ways To Get More Organic Visitors

Every person who owns a website needs to optimize their site for SEO.

Now, there are two approaches:

  1. Hire a professional to do the audit.
  2. Use a software to do it.

A professional audit will cost more, however, they will be able to catch issues and give better recommendations for fixes than a software. Therefore, if you are investing in an online presence, this extra investment, in the long run, will pay off.

If you have a basic website (which is not necessarily a bad thing), then getting a basic audit done by a software is sufficient. Here are some software options:

  1. SEMRush
  2. SEO PowerSuite
  3. MOZ

The software may cost you $200 per year. The professional audit may cost $2000.

Nevertheless, if you are a realtor using a custom IDX website and you have a fair amount of original content, it’s time that you invest in an SEO audit.

Advantages of a professional SEO audit

  • You will know the technicalities hurting your search ranking
  • You will have a firm understanding of why your competitors are beating you.
  • Find ways to optimize your IDX listing pages
  • Get detailed keyword analysis letting you focus on certain keywords.
  • Improve the overall experience of your website for visitors and search engines once you implement the recommendations from the audit.

Bottom Line: Being found on google and other search engines is very important. Get an audit done. Then, find someone to correct all the fixes. And when you’re doing your marketing budget, make sure to include Search Engine Optimization investments every year.

30) Think Positive, Take Massive Action, & Be Consistent.

87% of realtors fail within 5 years.

Why? There are lots of reasons that one could say, however, I like to keep things simple.

Mindset: You have your own business – it can be lonely. You have thousands of competitors – it can be scary. Therefore, mental toughness is a necessity.

real estate agent does a deal

Luckily, realtors have 1 amazing fact they can rely on: everyone moves at some point, it’s just a matter of when and with who.

AND, 90% homeowners only interview 1 or 2 realtors. Therefore, your close ratio will be 50%-100% when the opportunities come your way.

Yes, there’s lots of competition, however, most of them are a bunch of losers.

You’ve finished reading a monster blog about how to grow your business. If you’re still reading this article, you’re not a loser. You’re a winner.

In Conclusion

Now, when you see your competition spamming the community, it may feel like you are losing. However, when you see your competition marketing and advertising, it’s an opportunity to beat them by building stronger relationships with the people and businesses in your community.

When you hear a friend use another realtor, it may feel like you are doing something wrong. However, this is only feedback to help you improve your follow-up strategies with your database, so you win more business from your database, long term. You can’t win them all and you’re not supposed to win them all or else you wouldn’t learn how to improve your business.

When you start working with a client and they end up not buying or selling, the sky may feel like it’s falling, and you may be stressing out over financials because you planned on getting a paycheck. Aside from the fact that you should not make decisions on IFcome, which is another blog in itself, the upside is this: you have a client, they will move, and you just need to continue to help them, and focus on building a bigger pipeline. No one cares about 1 deal going sideways if they are working on others are the same time.

Here’s what we notice about ALL entrepreneurs: they give up too easily!

Think Like An Entrepreneur

No entrepreneur has ever succeeded when they think about all their fears, doubts, and worries – focus on where you’re going to, not what you’re going through.

No entrepreneur has ever succeeded without working their faces off (at least at some point) – think about your long term vision, cut out all the bullshit in your life, and take massive action for 3 years. You will love the results.

And finally, there is a blueprint for success, follow it and stay consistent.

If you implement all the steps mentioned in the article and stay consistent then we guarantee that you will find more clients in your area. Seriously, you show us that you did all these steps and didn’t get more deals and we will give you $1000.

And these strategies don’t just work, they help realtors create the business they really want:

  • Buyers and sellers will eventually start calling you instead of you cold calling them.
  • People will ask if they can refer you, instead of you pushing people to give you referrals.
  • You will have options on how to expand your business, instead of you looking for options on how to keep it alive.

Now, as we said above, not every strategy will work well for you, however, you won’t know until you try.

Final Thoughts For Landing Your Next Client

  1. The best marketing strategies will play to your personality and strengths as an individual.
  2. Relationships are more powerful than marketing.
  3. Prospecting is more effective than advertising.
  4. Service is senior to sales.
  5. More relationships = more deals.
  6. If you want to get referrals, you need to become a referral generator.
  7. Focus on Revenue OR Profit. Not both.

Want Help Landing Your Next Client?

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