If you’re a real estate agent, you know you need to grow your network of real estate adjacent professionals in order to grow your business. There are many ways to accomplish this, however it starts with identifying who they are. Here is a list of business professionals who work with homeowners. As a real estate professional, you should get to know these professionals in your area:

  1. Home Inspectors

  2. Home appraisers

  3. Lenders

  4. Financial advisors

  5. Handymen/Contractors

  6. Gardeners

  7. Plumbers

  8. Electricians

  9. AC/Heating

  10. Painters

  11. Roofers

  12. Landscape Designers

  13. Deck/Fence Installers

  14. Flooring Installers

  15. Health/Home/Auto Insurance

  16. Sprinkling system installers

  17. Snow removal

  18. Leaf removal

  19. Movers

  20. Locksmiths

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

Business Professionals Who Work With Homeowners Make Great Referral Partners

Business professionals who work with homeowners should always be at the top of your referral list. When a homeowner wants to buy or sell, and you are at the top of their referral list….guess who is getting the listing?


If you add value to their businesses and talk to them solely with the intention of getting to know them, your business will succeed.

We suggest interviewing local business owners in your neighborhood and featuring them on your website. It is a great way to build relationships and it will help you get referrals. In addition, you will build a deeper knowledge of your neighborhood. 

In fact, this strategy works so well that Parkbench has built a business around it. They’ve built a web platform for local communities that combines the best of Groupon, Yellow Pages, and Eventbrite, except it’s hyper local. When a real estate agent sponsors their local community on Parkbench, businesses get an additional space to promote themselves; residents get access to local news, events, and deals; and the agent gets to build a relationship with everyone involved. The best part is that this relationship starts with the agent giving something of value, first. Learn more about Parkbench in the link below.


Rethinking Real Estate Prospecting with Parkbench



67 Strategies to Get More Referrals


Business owners can have up to 1 or 2 real estate agents in mind at all times. You need to secure that #1 spot!

You have to think about touching base several times a year. Think about birthday cards, calls, texts, emails. Research suggests that it takes 32 touches a year to build a referral based relationship. And then 16 touches for every year after that to maintain it.

So, start texting!

Better yet, if you’re ready to take your real estate referral business strategy seriously, book a free demo with Parkbench. Their results are guaranteed, or your money back.