Open House sign-in sheets are a common practice among agents conducting open houses in their local area. Many real estate marketing coaches have their own version of the “perfect open house sign-in sheet” alongside follow up strategies and more. However, we believe that these strategies are somewhat obsolete and do not work in today’s digital age.

Please understand that we are not taking a jab at these real estate coaches. Instead, we are giving you a proven, battle-tested funnel that top agents have been using to successfully convert open house attendees into lifelong customers.

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Step 1: You need a Phone or an iPad To Register Attendees

Paper-based open house sheets are not only old school but it requires double work to upload all of your data into your CRM.

So, you should use an iPad (ideally) or an iPhone to collect information about everyone attending your open house.

Create a landing page that lets users register for your upcoming open house. Connect your landing page to the CRM that you are using.

We recommend you use Zapier (link in the software section below) to connect various web forms with your CRM.

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Step 2: Ask attendees to register for the open house with an enticing offer

Differentiate yourself from other agents by offering something value (for free) for all attendees.

This can be an ebook or a list of recently sold homes in the community.

Be creative and find out how you can build trust with these open house attendees before asking for business.

Always, get consent to send emails later. Add it as an optional checkmark at the bottom of your open house sign in form.

Make sure you place your iPad on a stand visible to everyone close to the house entrance.

When using a smartphone to collect their information, you can approach each open house attendee and

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

Step 3: Nurture all your open house attendees using email marketing

After you are done with your open house, make sure you upload the list to your email marketing software.

One thing to note is that you can only upload contacts that gave you consent to reach out to them.

Ideally, you should personalize the first email in your drip based on the open house they attended.

Step 4: Send your client testimonial video to all open house attendees when you sell a home over asking

This step is key if you really want to gain the trust of homeowners and nurture them into becoming long term clients.

Here’s a step by step of what you should do once your home gets sold.

  • Draft an email with the asking price and the sold price. Share your client testimonial on the email if possible.
  • The trick is to use a proper call to action when they are reading the testimonial on your webpage.
  • There are lots of software that allow you to create a high-converting call to action.
  • Something like HelloBar or Optin-Moster is perfect to convert your open house sign in leads into active seller leads.
  • Your call to action should say, something like, “ready to find out how much you can get for your home?”
  • Direct them to a home value page where you can re-capture their information.
  • And, just like that, you got a seller lead in your community by build trust through your new open house funnel.

Open house seller funnels

Recommended Softwares For Open House Sign In Digital Funnel

Now that you have a clear picture of the open house sign in sheet funnel, let’s cover some of the recommended software you should use to make all the parts working.

Typeform Easy to create form builder to capture your open house leads

Your CRM – you can use any CRM. Our recommendation is Contactually, Hubspot (Free), BoomTownROI, or IxactContact.

Zapier – Help you connect various applications to move leads to and from different systems. You need this software to transfer lead automatically from Typeform to your CRM.

AutopilotHQ – Allows you to create personalized email drips. User-friendly and easy to use.

So, are you going to try this open house lead sheet funnel next time you are doing an open house?