Instagram launched their new app called Instagram TV(IGTV) allowing content creators to publish long-form vertical videos on the Instagram network. If you are a real estate professional this is actually great news to get tons of free organic traffic for your business. In this post, we are going to share the 3 types of content that you should be posting to Instagram TV (IGTV) and hopefully land a few clients.

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How Do You Get Started With IGTV

Instagram TV (IGTV) is a dedicated app that can be downloaded from the iOS and Android store. You should log in with your existing Instagram account. If you already have the main Instagram app on your phone then it will auto-detect your Instagram ID. Once you are inside Instagram TV (IGTV) click on your profile icon. When you are trying to upload a video for the first time you will be prompted to create a channel, just like YouTube. Videos can be up to one hour long and they have to be vertical.

3 IGTV video marketing ideas for real estate professionals

Wondering how you can promote your real estate business on IGTV? Well, we have some awesome ideas we want to share.

1. Detailed Listing Vertical Videos

Launch your smartphone camera and start shooting a detailed video of your listing. Cover every room and important elements of the property. Upload it to IGTV. Make sure you introduce yourself at the beginning of the video. A nice call to action after the tour also helps. You can ask visitors to visit your main Instagram handle and click on the bio link for pricing.

2. Micro Interviews of Local Business Owners

Micro interviews can generate a lot of buzz for your real estate business. Here is how it works:

  • Go meet a local professional or business owner.
  • Ask them if they want to be featured on your Instagram profile. You can say something like “I am trying out the new Instagram TV app and sharing some quick community information about our area”.
  • Ask them 1 or 2 quick questions and make sure that you mention their business on your Instagram account.
  • You will get lots of locals visiting your Instagram handle through both IGTV and the main app

The micro-interviews are also a great way to be different from other real estate professionals who share the same type of content.

3. Real Estate Trends in your Area

The final idea is to create a bi-weekly or monthly show of real estate trends in your area. Record the show with your smartphone (vertically) connected to a tripod. Upload it to your Instagram TV Channel. Once you start doing these videos consistently you will start generating a following. Use the momentum and organic growth to drive traffic to your landing pages on your website.

IGTV is relatively new and you can expect Instagram to add lots of features