We’ve all seen some engaging real estate posts on Instagram with millions of likes and comments, usually for celebrity or exotic homes. So how do real estate agents across America take advantage of these winning social media strategies?

Instagram posts for real estate agents can be a tricky formula to nail down for real estate business growth. If you work with buyers and sellers, do you know how to attract potential clients, including local sellers as well as buyers moving to the area?

Our team at Local Leader® reviewed posts from the best real estate accounts on Instagram to find the top tips to start using today on your social media platforms. Check out the list below to boost your Instagram user engagement.

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

1. Market Updates and Local Real Estate News

Your local housing market changes constantly. Are you keeping your customers updated on the latest news and developments? Try these tactics:

  • Post a weekly image with sold homes, sale prices, and new listings on the market
  • Post hot news stories that could affect home values, such as new restrictions on boating in local waterways
  • Use hashtags for your city or neighborhood to get more local views from potential clients. For example, if you close on three homes in a high-end community, tag the community and street names so users looking for information on home values might find your posts and list with you.

2. New Listings in Your Office

Whether you’re a broker with several agents or a new agent starting out, take advantage of your whole office’s listings to promote your agency. If a broker, you can help associates sell sooner through your large social media following—and get your broker’s fee faster.

As a new agent, you can say great things about your colleague as you promote their listing and position yourself as a local buyer’s agent to keep both sides of the listing transaction in your office, which your broker will appreciate. Ask your colleagues if they would like to cross-promote their listings with you so you both can grow your Instagram follower base.

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

3. Video Tours of Interesting Listings

Do you have a listing with interesting features? While some features are bugs rather than features, a quick video tour of the home ending in a focus on the unusual feature can quickly go viral. Be sure to embed your profile picture and Instagram name in the video so that you still get promotions from reposts.

4. Open House and Other Event Announcements

Focus on hyperlocal traffic by announcing your open house dates or other events. Whether you’re baking cookies on a Sunday in a $1.2M luxury home or your office is a co-sponsor of a local pet adoption drive, get people to come out and meet with you to discuss their home-buying or selling needs.

5. Trending Audio Reels and Videos

TikTok is a global phenomenon featuring quick video snippets and viral audio clips. The format has bled over to all other social media platforms, including Instagram posts for real estate agents. Use popular sounds with stock photos or listing images to take advantage of current trends and get more views.

6. Educational Photo Carousels

You can create slideshows on Instagram, allowing you to educate customers about key housing market tricks, like how to stage a house, how to avoid cheap property management coverups when buying a home, and how to identify a good home inspector who knows what they’re doing. Use stock photos and bold labels combined with helpful hashtags.

7. Local Attraction Spotlight

For buyers moving to a new town, a real estate agent can also be their first local expert. Highlight local eateries, landmarks, and things to do. Is there one place with the best pizza deal in town? Are there popular family attractions like skate or trampoline parks? Is there a cool museum you can feature?

8. “A Day in the Life” Videos

As humans, we’re all curious about lifestyles different from our own. Show a day in your life, from your morning run to morning showings through lunch and afternoon paperwork. Wrap it up by kicking off your shoes, pouring a glass of wine, and snuggling on the couch with your dog. Or cat. Viewers love pets, capitalize on your furry, scaly, or feathery friends.

9. Testimonial Responses

Did you get an awesome review on one of your social media platforms? Read off your favorite excerpts and respond to that user in a quick video, thanking them for taking the time to write a review. Include in your response why you liked working with that customer so potential clients can see how you build relationships with your buyers and sellers.

10. This or That?

Poll visitors with two options, such as a large, covered summer kitchen vs. a full-length infinity lap pool. For a local focus, compare features on your current listings and advertise both listings in your posts.

11. Holiday Highlight Reels

Does your office decorate for the holidays? Wish your customers a happy holiday with an office tour, or show off your pet in their favorite holiday costume.

12. Real Estate Memes (Use Sparingly)

If you have deep knowledge of meme culture, you might capitalize on current trends in memes about the housing market or local news. If you think Minions memes are cute or funny, there are 11 tips above this one that might fit your strategy better.

Curating Your Real Estate Instagram Content

Consider your target market. Do you specialize in luxury listings, investment properties, condos, single-family homes, or vacation homes with unique features? Elevate your content if you target luxury listings and make more fun content to target family-friendly home buyers and sellers. Your real estate marketing on Instagram needs to be consistent across your profile.

We hope you got some ideas from these Instagram posts for real estate agents. Don’t forget to post regularly, respond to comments, and cross-post from Instagram to other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
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