What’s up everyone and welcome to another episode of Become a Local Leader. In today’s episode, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Marlo Jones, Realtor with Realty World Milestone.

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Meet Marlo Jones – Our Featured Local Leader

Marlo Jones has lived in the Bay Area since 1991. He’s also got a vast knowledge of all the local amenities. He’s also volunteered as a Big Brother for foster children in his local church and has served the elderly at Meals on Wheels as well. Marlo has also started his own company teaching and mentoring intern students on how to be an entrepreneur, how to build their leadership skills, and how to be a more proficient public speaker. 

Why do you live in the Bay Area? What brought you there? 

What is there not to love about the Bay Area? Besides the pricing we do pay a hefty fee to live out here, it’s beautiful. There’s literally spring and summer all year. Even in the wintertime people are wearing t-shirts and flip flops. Just the weather is one reason why I stay out here. 

And the people I mean, we are so diverse. It’s a true melting pot. I really don’t know another area, even outside the country that is this diverse. As just California in general, but is specifically the Bay Area. 

And also, the food. A direct correlation there is there’s a ton of options. I’m a big foodie. So, I’m always looking for options from every type of cuisine that’s available to me. I think I’ve gotten spoiled after being in the Bay Area for so long. 

We get the beach life, city life, and tons of nature. We can do hiking trails, bike trails but we can also check out wine country. Whatever you want, we have it here. I feel like you can almost be in different worlds on the same day if you want it to. Just 20 minutes away, the beach only half an hour to an hour away, from any city out here. I just love it here. This is where I grew up. I’ve made friends here. I just kind of planted my roots here. 

What did you do specifically before you got into real estate? What was the deciding factor in getting your license? 

It’s always been a dream, from a long time ago. I started thinking about real estate when I was 20-21. That’s kind of when the dream just started for me. I believe I wanted to get into real estate at that time because I just love helping people. I love serving people. It’s always been embedded in my spirit and who I am as a person. I just want to be that game-changer and that trendsetter.

I felt like I needed a good product and a good service. And also, something that people not only wanted in their life but needed in their life. I believe real estate is that product. It can provide financial freedom and retirement one day, that nest egg for people, and just that security. Everyone’s looking for security, especially more now than ever. 

It’s something I wanted to get into but I couldn’t pass the test to save my life. I took the test actually four times, between 20 and 21. It probably didn’t help that I was sleeping half the time I was studying. When you’re at that age, you just don’t know what you’re doing in life. You don’t know what you want in life. I thought that’s what I wanted and I felt like it was a dream. And then I let my dream shatter because I allowed temporary failure in my life by not passing that exam, multiple times. 

I decided to settle for that. I said, “You know what, I’m looking for something else now. This is not for me. This is not the dream that I thought it would be.” And really, I just needed to buckle down and study. That’s really what it was. I didn’t allow myself an opportunity to pursue this dream because I didn’t pass the test. 

So, fast forward from there, I tried different jobs. Starting with retail, then I was an insurance broker for about seven years. I actually opened up a couple of offices and was training, leading, and mentoring thousands of agents in that company. I was the right-hand man to the CEO of the company. Looking back, I feel like it was a gift that was given to me just to be able to feel comfortable speaking in front of people. Being able to share my talents and gifts that I was given over the years and that I also worked hard for. And why not share that with someone else?

So, I just was doing that pro bono for a while just teaching other agents how to sell insurance policies, how to help families retire sooner, how to protect their nest egg, and send their kids through college. We’ll just set up all these different funds and accounts. I was recruited there as well. So, we recruit many agents. I went out to recruit them, and train them. We build them up and teach them how to run their own office. I wear many hats as a broker there, I did that for seven years. 

Then I had this epiphany. I said to myself, “You know, I want to shift things.” I actually love teaching. I love helping people but I felt like I’ve met my market insurance and I was just really looking for something else. And I want to just really get more in the space of teaching and leading others. So, I said, “I’m teaching all these agents pro bono, doing it for free over the years.” I didn’t mind it, because it was a service I was offering to people and I was feeling fulfilled to help others in that way. I was getting paid for my product.

But I said, “You know what, let me come up with a way where I can actually teach others how they could actually increase their public speaking skills, enhance their communication skills. I can teach interns or college students how to get prepared for the real world since I was a recruiter. I knew what recruiters were looking for. So, I just reversed that and just taught them what to say, how to say it, how to think of themselves, how to represent themselves when they’re in front of an employer or recruiter.

So, that’s when I started my own company for public speaking. I did that for quite some years as well and just went to different colleges and taught different interns that were part of the business entrepreneurship program. They had budgets in the school system so they had budgets for public speakers like myself. It all happened to line up the way it needed to. That was actually my first gig – was a college. I felt so blessed and just fortunate that I had that opportunity to get in front of multiple people, instead of just one person at a time. 

And then from there, it was like a calling. Once you feel like there’s a calling on your life, “I am meant to be in real estate.” It just cannot escape me. No matter what I do, it kept coming back. I was still doing public speaking. And I say, “You know what, I’m going to take this test again. I’m going to buckle down, I’m going to take this test.” I was in my mid-30s and I thought “I’m not going to sleep while I study this time. Maybe if I try that strategy, I’ll actually pass!” 

I immediately passed, first time, just like that. What a miracle. I passed on my birthday. That was a gift to me. I set a goal. We’re going to talk about goal setting here in a minute but I set a goal. You know what, a gift to myself is not to buy me some clothes or a car or a nice fancy trip. My goal is to actually do something where I can empower not only myself but empower others. And I knew that was going to be through real estate. I said that it will be the ultimate gift for myself and to others. And that’s what I decided to take my test. I scheduled it on my birthday with the intention to get my license on my birthday, something I’ll never forget. I passed that day.

When exactly did you get your license? 

Actually, it was a year ago. My last birthday. It just took a while. There were some processing issues. I don’t know what was going on. So, it took a while for me to get my license. I actually didn’t recently get my license until this year in 2020. But in the meantime, I was doing relocation simultaneously while I had my public speaking business because I was just helping the clients here and there. I still wanted to get my foot into real estate.

So, I started with rental properties. I was helping a lot of tech employees out here that relocated and I would help them find a rental home. So, I was already in the sector of real estate but just not on the purchase side. 

As a real estate professional, someone who’s worked in the business, what do you think your superpower is? 

If I had to say I have a superpower, it definitely would be people skills. I pride myself on my people skills and human nature. I actually studied books about human nature and people skills, I have them in my home. Just a library of books about leadership, development, and people skills. A book called Pushing Up People by Art Williams. I love this book. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. I’m sure anybody successful has read this book. The 177 mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class by Steve Siebold. The whole book is about mental toughness and just how people operate.

Steve Siebold, the author, actually interviewed over a hundred different successful people across the globe from every venture that they’re in. And everything they said that they related their success to was about the mentality. So, I studied the mindset of people. And yeah, so for me that I’d say would be my superpower. But it’s something that I actually work on though, it’s not something that I feel like was given to me. If you knew me back in the days when I was a teenager and in my early 20s, I definitely was not the people person I am today.

I mean, I wasn’t the hermit but I was a guy that was so shy. I was stuck in my shell and I just wouldn’t talk to people. When I was going through high school, I’d have some ladies come up to me and try to talk to me, I wouldn’t even say hello. I don’t want to be rude, but I came off rude. I was that shy, I could not even say hello. 

What’s your forecast in the next couple years? How many transactions you plan on doing? 

Well, my goal is to do at least 50 transactions in the next two years. I want to do 25 per year, which is two a month. I feel like I can do two transactions a month. Actually, I’m already working on my first deal, which will be two transactions. So, I feel like if I can do that per month, that will meet my financial goals and what I need to do. That’ll also be a good volume to start off with to help 25 families a year find their home. 

What is your biggest motivator to get to those 25 year, 50 in two years? Is it helping people in your community or is it something else? 

Helping people in my community is one of the major motivators, which is why I keep being called back to real estate. I’ve tried different careers, and I feel like real estate will help the people in my community and outside of my community as well. I feel like real estate, as a product will help them become financially free one day. If it’s using the right strategy, obviously. If you hold on to it long enough, it can accomplish multiple goals that my clients have, when they do sell their property. So, that I believe is helping my community and it’s giving back to local businesses.

Now than ever, we need to support our businesses. I highly encourage everyone to do that. Obviously, being safe with our mask, but I feel like by selling a property, there are so many jobs being employed after we list this property. It’s my role, it’s my duty to help my clients sell their property if it’s beneficial for them. As a byproduct, it’d be beneficial to many other companies. We’re employing people like myself. There’s a buyer’s agent. There are marketing people such as the videographers I’m going to hire and staging folks. There are title companies, appraisal companies, inspection companies. I mean, you name it, all these other folks behind the scenes were all working for the same goal.

And so, we’re just employing so many different people within the community. So, I feel like that is absolutely helping my community. Obviously, I have my own personal goals, right? I love to get married or have children. I don’t have kids yet. My girlfriend and I have plans for that down the road and to get married first. Weddings cost money, right? So I have my own personal goals as well. I’d like to build financial freedom for myself, but more importantly, it’s me helping others.

If I help others first, as a byproduct, I will be helped. My mindset is always mission before the commission. I think commission before the mission is not going to work. I’ve done this in every endeavor in my life. There is always a mission first. And if you lose your laser focus on that mission for your community, for your clients, for people, just for the better good, ultimately, you’re going to fulfil your mission. You’re going to get commission and it’s just going to be a win-win. 

How do you think COVID is going to affect your business? Or how has it already affected your business since you just started? 

That’s the crazy part, right? I literally jumped into the pool not really knowing how to swim that well. And so, of course, you can imagine the challenges with COVID and starting a career in real estate. But yeah, it’s definitely affecting my business like everyone. Not just real estate, just any business, I’d say. 

I do a lot of reading, a lot of studying on my craft because I want to be a master of my craft. Just in my own experience and talking to other brokers, I’ve been learning that right now what we’re calling it is a frozen market. What we mean by that is there are a lot of buyers right now because, you know, interest rates have been dropping. It hasn’t been this low since the great recession in 2008. So, you got a lot of applicants or a lot of people stuck in their one- or two-bedroom apartments, some are even cubes and studios and they’re like, “I need to get out of here. I need a backyard, I need another room, or I need more space. So, we’re now starting to look into three, four- or five-bedroom homes.”

As you’re probably aware, there’s not a lot of inventory on the market. There never has been especially in the Bay Area. Especially more now because sellers aren’t really listing a lot of their properties. They don’t know if they sell their home, then are they going to be left with a career and a home? There is so much uncertainty. And so, they’re just debating on that. Also, people don’t want people in their homes for safety reasons. They don’t know what they have, even though we’re all following COVID protocols. Still, they don’t want multiple people coming in and out of their homes. 

It’s a lot of that going on, which is why a lot of sellers just are, again, frozen market. They’re just frozen right now. They’re not doing much. And that’s what I’m seeing going on. But then we have the buyers’ market. People are actually looking to buy, but then have a lot to choose from. So, we have people looking but we don’t have a lot of inventory. So, that’s where we come in as the local leaders of the community. For my fellow realtors of the community, that is our job and our duty to reach out to them. Not convince them, not close them, not sell them. It’s reaching out and help them if there’s a need. And how do you help them? You ask questions, you qualify them and you see if it’s the right fit for them.

I don’t sell to people. I educate people in real estate. And then, if you take it from that approach, they’re going to let you know. “Marlo, this is what I need. This is what I don’t need. Not right now.” “Not right now” does not mean “no”, though. It just means “not right now”. We’ll follow up later down the road. But that’s just really what it is. That’s all we can do at this point is just ask questions, reach out to people and then let them kind of lead the way from there. And then we guide them. We hold their hand like, “You’re not alone in this. We have options. As you being the seller or being the potential buyer, we have options here. Let’s discuss those, let’s educate, and let’s see if this is a good fit. Good timing. We’ll talk about it.” 

Do you have a database right now of people that is growing or do not have a database? If so, how big is the database? 

I don’t have a large market at all. I don’t have a large database. I’m contracted through relocation companies where they have their own realtors that they work with. I don’t even touch that. I don’t even talk to them about real estate. Everybody, basically, my contact would be friends. My database would be just acquaintances that I’ve made over the years or colleagues. 

When it comes to qualifying my market, I’d probably just have maybe 20-25 people that I’m talking to that maybe qualify or in the market to even purchase or sell a property. So, not a large database at all. But that’s okay. I didn’t expect everyone in my sphere of influence to say, “Yes, Marlo. I’ve been waiting for you to get that license 15 years later. I want to buy with you. I’ve been waiting to sell my home.” I have to market myself. I’m going to brand myself and rebrand myself. And so, I don’t have a large database but it’s not setting me back, it’s not holding me back. I’m not fearful of it. I do see the future is bright. 

What are you doing right now to build new relationships to fill up that database? 

I’m cultivating new relationships through just outreach, often through social media. I’ll just post organic material on my social media. One post I did was, just me working at the beach. I had my laptop and used my mobile hotspot. That was my office for the day. How nice would it be to have your new office at the beach in the Bay Area? It also is just great advertising there. But it’s organic, fun. I’m not doing any selling on social media. I’m just being organic about what I do in my life and obviously demonstrating a connection to my audience. So, I show them a lifestyle. I’ll also send tips on energy saving for your home or different quotes that I find that are inspiring. 

Or like yesterday, I was showing my client properties, different homes for sale, the one that we’re discussing. I have my girlfriend take a video. She just video on us walk around and me doing my thing, just showing my client around. So, it’s organic and I’m just having them see me in action. So, if a client hires me, they see, “Okay, this guy works.” I was working late on a Sunday. It was like eight o’clock. We finished at eight o’clock on a Sunday. Most people are watching reruns of Seinfeld or something. I don’t know. I’m working. And that’s what I want my clients to see. I will work for you too if you need my assistance. 

So, I’ve just been posting organic stuff there. I’m reaching out to all my friends, acquaintances, business colleagues, and I’m asking for referrals. I’m not asking them directly. “Hey, do you want to buy a house? Would you like to sell a house?” I don’t do that. That tends to shy people away, where they’re just, “You know what, this guy’s too salesy. This guy just wants to sell me something. He wants something for me.” It’s quite the contrary, I want to help if you’re in a position to be helped. And if you’re looking for help, I have the tools to get you there.

I always ask for referrals. The best strategy anyone can have on this call if you’re looking for more clients is just ask – “Who do you know?” That’s it. And if it’s them, “Hey, I know myself. I’m looking” well, let’s talk. If they’re not looking, then it’s okay. Right? You don’t throw them off. You’re not pushing them away. And they’re going to refer you to someone that they do know if there’s trust built there. I build that trust over time with the constant outreach just kind of dripping on them. “This is what’s going on in the market. These are the fun things to do in the Bay Area. Here’s a quote. Here’s this.”

What do you think your clients rave about you as someone who’s in the service industry? 

The number one thing is they love my work ethic. I don’t do nine to five. That’s just not my style. It never has been. Even when I had jobs, W2 jobs, where I did do nine to five, I was still doing eight to six. They love that. I don’t say this. They just notice it. My actions speak for my work ethic. 

My personality. I get a lot of people that tell me, “You’re super friendly, Marlo. You’re very personable. We can tell you’re a people person.” They say, “You’re built for a business like this.” I always tell people that I could never do sales. “But you’re so good at it.” I don’t look at myself as a salesperson although I am in sales. By the way, everyone is in sales. 

If you’re married, both in the past and right now, you have to sell to your husband or wife on why you’re the best spouse. The same is for people with kids, you have to sell to your kids on why you’re going to be the best father or mother. If you have a job, you have to sell to your boss why you’re the best employee. We are in sales every day. 

I look at myself as more of an educator and I get people that tell me that, “You educated me. You’re helping me.” So, I get these types of words. “Marlo, you’re real, you’re authentic. Marlo, you’re very personable. You have a great sense of humor.” It’s again the people skills. And so, I just get a lot of feedback on that. 

What do you think will set you apart? 

I’m going to outwork everyone. I’m just going to outwork everyone. No offense to anyone on the call. I’m a very competitive person. I’ll take a challenge on any day. That’s just what I’m going to do. And I’m self-motivated, right? I don’t need others to motivate me and to push me. Encouragement is always great and always welcome, right. I’m a sponge for learning. So, I’m always trying to learn from others. There are people on this call that know maybe one hundred times more than what I know. And that’s all okay! I will take them out to lunch and we’ll talk about it and I will pick their brain because I want to learn. So, I’m all about that. 

But I think that what will set me apart is, while some people are sleeping, I’m working. While some people are taking a Sunday off, I’m working. And I do create balance for myself. I’m going on a trip this Tuesday because my birthday is actually this Wednesday. So, this Tuesday through Thursday, just for about three days, my girlfriend and I are just taking a trip along the coast, and we’re going to rent a hotel over there and just hang out for a couple of days. I’m not going to be working. And this is during the week.

So, that’s okay. If I’m working on a weekend, I have balance. But ultimately, I will be putting in overtime. I will be working around the clock. Clients know they can reach me at 10 o’clock at night if they need to. I think that’s what is going to set me apart. Not my experience or lack of experience or knowledge on the numbers of the market and I can recite price per square foot for an exact community. I mean, I can always look those numbers up and eventually those will become reflective but you don’t need that to do well in this business. 

What are some of the things that you plan on doing to give value to people who live and work in your community, regardless of transactional situations, regardless of reaching out for referrals? 

Just my service. I mean, value to me is really giving service. White-Glove service is what I give. I don’t care if it’s a client that’s looking for a $400,000 home. Not that we have too many of those. But if it was a client that was looking for that some studio or something to a client looking for a mini-mansion, six bedrooms for eight million. I’m going to treat both clients exactly the same. And I’m going to give that White-Glove service. They’re both getting my undivided attention, my time. I’m going to do my due diligence and study the market, study their neighborhood, study the comps. I’m going to do all that because facts are knowledge and you need it. Ultimately, that’s how we get to the big numbers in this business.

I don’t really think there’s another better way to build value if you’re not giving White Glove service and not giving them all of you. 

Do you have any plans right now for any community marketing initiatives, something that you can do to give back to just get involved even? 

I am talking to banks right now. I like to partner with them. Just throwing out some ideas right now with them and see how we can get more involved with the local banks. I’m not talking about the big banks. I’m talking more of the community banks that are around the Bay Area because I feel like I can help if I send clients their way. Apartment communities, for example, I’ve been given already a lot of business to them just from rental clients. I’m just trying to reach out to them again and see how I can help become part of that community. Within that community, they have anywhere from 200 to 1000 units in an apartment community in the Bay Area.

And also, I’m looking into some homeless shelter options. I want to give back to the homeless. I’ve struggled a lot in my life, my early years. I know what it’s like. And now more than ever, I feel like there are people that are haven’t been homeless that are now homeless because of this COVID situation. It’s just a tragedy. If I can help give back in any way possible, I will. I’m looking into that as well. 

What are some of the general goals for your business moving forward? Where do you see yourself in the next three to five years? 

Well, I see myself being a broker in three to five years. Absolutely. I’m a natural leader. I just want to build leaders. Well, I’ll take that out. I’m not natural. I’ve learned leadership. It is something that you intentionally work on. But I want to be a leader of leaders. I believe the only way I can do that is to be a broker, where I can actually have other agents working with me. I can mentor them, coach them, guide them because I know I can only go so far as an agent, as a realtor. So ultimately, career-wise, I definitely will be a broker within three to five years. 

What are some of the things you think you need to do to get there? 

I need to increase my transaction volume. Numbers speak, right? I can talk all I want but numbers don’t lie. I know I need to increase my transaction volume and become a master of my craft, master the agent side. And then obviously, take my exams to become a broker, open an office. I need to look into that. There’s a lot of moving wheels at the same time when it comes to being a broker. The good thing is I’m being mentored by one of the top brokers in the area. I have a leader myself.

No one can become a leader without having a leader. You need a mentor to become a mentor. I believe in that. For those of you that do not have a mentor yet or a leader in your life, go seek one out. You have to be intentional about growth. You have to seek someone out. You’re not going to do it on your own. You’re not going to learn on your own. If I become that leader in my field, which will be a broker, then I can be intentional about leading others. 

What are some of the roadblocks or maybe challenges that you think you’re going to face or have already been facing in terms of those goals? 

Obviously, COVID has been the number one challenge I’d say. Also, just being a new business. Even though I’ve run businesses before. I’ve been an entrepreneur longer than I can remember but that’s me, that’s who I am. But you just have to start to learn your craft. So, I’m still learning the real estate craft. And so, that is a challenge in itself just learning all the nuances of the business. And of course, building a new market. That’s a big challenge for me. I’ve got about 20-25 people that I can talk to or even have a conversation about real estate right now. Even though I know hundreds of people, it’s just not the right timing or the right fit yet for my product or service. And that’s okay!

Just going out there. People farming. I believe any realtor can attest to this. People farming, prospecting, and marketing yourself is always going to be the challenge even if you’re 10 years in the business. I’m sure they still have their challenges. I believe those are probably the major ones. I’m sure as I continue on this train there is going to be some more but those are what I can think of right now. Those are going to be the challenges. 

Do you buy leads at all? Are you planning on buying leads at all from either Zillow, realtor.com, homes.com, that kind of thing? 

No. I do not buy leads. I had multiple lead generation companies, reach out to me. It’s just bombarding me with all these options. I’ve talked to a couple of them just out of curiosity, see how this all works. They want anywhere from $500 to $5,000 depending on what it is, per month. 

I believe that may help some realtors out and it may not. I do believe in investing in my business but I believe in investing in the right areas in my business. And to me, there’s nothing better and nothing will be better than organic marketing and word of mouth. Just referrals There’s nothing better just to reach out to people that you already know because people that you know want to do business with you. 

Like the client that I’m working with right now, who’s become a friend by association with my girlfriend and becoming my friend now. She trusts me. She likes me already. We haven’t known each other that long. I’ve known her for about seven or eight months but she wants to do business with me. After I help her, I’m sure she’s going to want to refer people to me that I can also help in the same manner that I helped her. So, it’s nothing like organic, right? 

I’ve nothing against these lead gen companies and anyone that does it. And who knows, maybe down the road, I may look into it but at this point in my career, I don’t invest any money into lead gen options. 

Are you paying for any Facebook ads, Google ads, Instagram ads, that kind of thing or any ad space on social media? 

I’m doing just organic posting right now but nothing paid yet. Maybe down the road I may. 

Do you plan on doing it down the road? Why? 

I do plan on doing it down the road because I know that social media is the platform to use, especially now that everything’s virtual. I mean that’s where people are looking. I’ve gotten some actual great feedback from my social media just in my organic posts. I can imagine if I do pay ads and I reach out to others that aren’t in my sphere of influence, then I can imagine how far I can reach out to people. So, I figured, yeah, down the road I definitely will be looking into it. 

Do you plan on advertising at all on bus benches or grocery carts or billboards? Anything like that? 

Probably not. I think it can be cool to see my face on the benches that someone sits on. While they’re getting their bananas, they see me on their shopping cart. I mean, that could be cool. But no. I haven’t really thought that far as marketing in that way because I’m just going to start with my organic market first, organic marketing, and see where that takes me. I feel like if I can sustain that and I just build on this referral system, just this warm market, stay in the warm market, then I don’t need to reach out to the cold market. 

Do you write blogs at all? And if so, what about? 

Yes, I do post on social media. No, I do not have blogs at this time. It’s something I was thinking about down the road. I know there’s a lot of people who get a lot of information from blogs, and I can lead them to my website and my social media. But at this moment, no, I have not started blogs. 

Do you create any video content at all? 

At this time, I’ve just been posting on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. But I really do need to branch out. I need to start doing more videos for YouTube. I need to get on Twitter as well. I’m sure there are some other options that I really need to look into. Right now, it’s just those three. And the videos I post, I do IgTV. I do that. I post some videos on Facebook. So yes, those are basically the extent of my videos at this point on reaching out. 

What do you do to follow up with your database or to give them value at all? 

Just direct outreach right now through social media, or email, phone call, text. I haven’t started sending gifts yet, which could be a good strategy before I guess I get clients. I definitely have that on the radar when I have clients. Obviously, like a welcome home package, you know, a wine basket or something. But yeah, as far as anything preliminary to that, I haven’t started that yet. 

Any final thoughts or anything you’d like to add? Any advice for anybody? 

Just make it short and sweet. Be authentic. Just stay authentic out there. Be who you are, you know, for all the local leaders here. I believe people are going to see the real you. They are going to see the natural you. You don’t have to put on a façade. You don’t have to fake it ‘till you make it. I don’t believe that. Just be you and work hard constantly. And have a flexible mindset. 

I don’t like to be a straight arrow. I like to bend a little bit. Not been the rules of the laws but when it comes to helping my clients. I’m just flexible. I have the can get it done attitude. Yes, I can get that done for you. And if I can’t, I know someone that can and we’re going to get this done. We’re going to make it happen. We just have to make it happen attitude. And if you have that make it happen attitude that can and can’t do it attitude, people are going to see that. They’re going to look at you as a go-to person, as the leader.

You may not have all the answers at that moment. But you’ll find them. You just tell the client “You know what, that’s a great question. That’s not my area of expertise but I will find the answer for you. Let me get on the phone with one of my partners here and I’ll get back to you in an hour.” And we get an answer for them. That is leadership. People are going to look at you like, “Wow, this person. He may not know everything but he knows who to go to. He knows what to do and he’s going to get it done.”

If people can see you as a person accomplishing things for them, you are the person they’re going to go to. There’s trust being built. There’s likability being built. You’re going to be the go-to person. That’s what you want to be in your community, that go-to person.

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