At its core, prospecting in real estate is the outreach that helps to generate new clients. As you know, it is not easy to always be thinking of fresh ideas. Even if your prospecting methods are working, you may be missing out on segments of the population. So it is a good idea to keep trying new things. Take a look at some of the best real estate prospecting methods.

You may have considered (or tried) buying leads. Buying leads requires you to dedicate time and effort each day to search for people who want to buy from you. However, a community-based prospecting system moves you away from buying leads and moves you toward helping your community. When your community sees how much you do for them, referrals will soon come your way. 

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

Have You Already Tried One of These Real Estate Prospecting Methods? 

Some prospecting methods work better for you than others. Are there any in this list below which are already working for you?  

  1. Email outreach: Email outreach is an effective way to keep potential customers interacting with your brand. More than 60% of customers would like to receive promotional emails every week. Email outreach is well worth your time and effort: for every dollar spent in email marketing, you can expect an average return of $38.  
  2. Social selling: Using social media platforms to prospect has become very popular. In fact, 84% of real estate agents are now on some form of social media (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter). And this type of exposure does have its benefits. 87% of real estate marketers have seen more exposure for their business after using social media marketing. 
  3. Event networking: Hosting or attending different networking events not only helps you meet new people and talk about your business, but it also helps generate referrals. Whether you host online or in-person events, attempt to find prospects who wouldn’t normally cross your path.
  4. Warm outreach over the phone: While many agents aren’t comfortable making cold calls, you can reach out by phone to people you know. One-third of the public does something related to real estate, whether it is renovations, repairs, or buying and selling. Connecting with the right people will make you a highly trusted real estate agent.

If you have tried all of these and they are working great for you, then don’t stop! But if you see space in your business to try something new, and you want to roll up those four common methods into one, better method: consider a new way to fill your pipeline. 

Access a community-minded approach to real estate with the Crack the Code system. 

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

The Best Real Estate Prospecting Method Puts Community First

Community-minded real estate puts the needs of your community first. By interviewing and promoting local businesses and participating in community events you can establish yourself as an expert in your community as well as an expert in real estate. 

Business owners are great sources of referrals because they hear about people considering the home-buying or home-selling process early on. Some companies (check out Parkbench) have taken this idea and made an entire platform on it. A community-minded platform like that gives you a tried and true system to use, instead of you having to invent your own or juggle and blend some version of those common prospecting methods listed above. Using a platform that shows you how to put your community first also creates less work (and more fun!) for you as the real estate agent. 

If your prospecting game could use a boost, check out how community-minded platforms have found great success by promoting other businesses.