Finding leads is what keeps real estate agents up at night. In order to get solid real estate leads, real estate agents need to have a strong online presence.

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

Take a look at some of these tips on how you can find real estate leads online. 

  1. Inbound Marketing: is a strategy that aligns with the buying habits of clients. It meets clients where they are. Inbound marketing is all about reaching out and helping clients at every stage of the buyer’s journey, from beginning to end. Clients will feel like their needs are met when the agent they are working with gives instead of takes. Here are some benefits of using inbound marketing:
    • It helps with brand awareness and loyalty.
    • Is cost effective. 
    • It is long lasting.
    • It’s immediate.
    • It allows you to reach a variety of audiences.
  2. Social Media Campaigns: Social media marketing campaigns won’t break the bank and can result in a large number of leads. Social media can provide you with options and tools that will target users by interests, geography and demographics. Some excellent social media platforms for real estate agents include Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Here are some benefits of using social media:
    • It is cost effective.
    • Helps real estate agents spread the word.
    • It allows agents to attract audiences and engage with them.
    • Provides opportunities to improve conversion rates.
    • It boosts customer service.
  1. Ask for Referrals: While referrals are often an agent’s favorite way to get leads, no one really loves asking for them. Here are some benefits of asking for referrals:
    • It connects agents with clients who are more likely to purchase.
    • Provides a more efficient sale. 
    • It increases the odds of more referrals.
    • It increases profitability.
  2. Use a Referral Generating and Real Estate Lead Platform: A platform can help if you are new to real estate or are looking for a more organized way to manage your leads. Here are some benefits of using a referral generating or real estate lead platform:
    • It helps you receive quality leads.
    • Provides training and support to agents.
    • It helps build trust.
    • It gets your name out there.

If you need help finding a platform to help you get started, reach out to one like for support.

If you don’t take advantage of online lead generation, you will lose the edge to your competition. As an agent who continuously puts their community first, you can’t let that happen.