81% of marketers say their most used form of content marketing is email newsletters. If you aren’t using a newsletter yet, this is your year to start. Here are real estate newsletter ideas, the work behind creating and sending out newsletters comes with immense benefits. 

67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

Benefits of Using a Real Estate Newsletter

  • Newsletters build trust with your clients
    • A newsletter is a vehicle of communication that builds trust between you and your clients. The more newsletters you send out, the stronger this bond becomes. Newsletters are also great aftercare for past and current clients. By referring them to other community services, you keep yourself top of mind.
  • Newsletters complement your other marketing tools
    • Newsletters do not take the place of the other amazing things you are already doing with your marketing. Using a real estate newsletter helps you tie together all of your marketing endeavors so that your network is not missing anything.
  • Newsletters will showcase you as an expert
    • There are tons of real estate agents in every community, but a real estate newsletter can set you apart and show how you are a leader in the industry. Potential clients will see you as having a leg-up on the competition. 
  • E-newsletters can increase referrals
    • Since it is easy to put a “share” button within a newsletter, your clients can easily share the awesome things you are up to. And because you have built strong connections with your clients, they will want to share. When you fill your newsletter with valuable content (such as the 8 different ideas listed below), it will become a must-read for current subscribers.
  • Newsletters give exposure to your real estate business
    • The end goal of marketing is to improve the amount of exposure that your business is getting. A newsletter can boost business exposure without you having to worry about daily work. Write it, send it, and then the work is done for you!

8 Real Estate Newsletter Ideas for Your Business

To ensure that your newsletter is read and shared, try some of these unique tips:

  1. Highlight a neighborhood: Your community is formed from a unique collaboration of neighborhoods. Choose a different neighborhood to show off in each issue – clients will be proud to see their beloved neighborhoods in print.
  2. Show off property listings: A newsletter is a gathering place of every important thing that your clients should know about. You can choose to feature a selection of your listings to show potential clients what is available.
  3. Interview local leaders: The leaders in your communities are doing amazing things, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Show off their strength and ingenuity by choosing to feature a different leader in each issue.
  4. Highlight local vendors: Businesses, especially those that are locally owned, can use all the exposure they can get. Feature the vendors in your local area to improve the number of community members that are shopping locally. 
  5. Create a calendar of events: It is nice to know what’s happening in the community, especially if you aren’t connected on social media. Compile a list of all the events that are happening in your community each month.
  6. Show off your blog posts: When you have put hard work into your content, it is best to share it with a wide audience. Choose your most popular posts to share with your newsletter subscribers.
  7. Collect information for buyers, sellers and renters: Buying, selling and renting can be stressful and unpredictable. You can help connect your clients with the resources they need, regardless of where they are in their buyer’s journey. 
  8. Feature real estate technology trends: Things change quickly. Help your clients to stay on top of the latest tech trends, from smart homes to 3D tours.
67 Strategies to Get More Referrals

The Best Part About Using a Real Estate Newsletter…Everybody Wins!

Starting a real estate newsletter doesn’t just help you, but it also helps to build up your community. 

If you are stuck for ideas and not sure how to implement a real estate newsletter, check out a platform like Parkbench. Parkbench can help support you as you create a unique newsletter that will highlight your real estate skills.