Become A Local Leader® is one of the fastest-growing real estate marketing blogs in North America. Our mission is to help real estate professionals with the latest in-depth marketing guides, tips, and tutorials to help them achieve their goals. Currently, we are looking to expand our blog and accept guest posts.

Why you should write for BALL

  • Targeted loyal audience of real estate professionals across North America
  • We will give credit to your blog post with a bio at the end of the articles
  • We boost our blog posts on Facebook so you can expect additional coverage of your article.
  • 4000+ real estate professionals visit our website every month for marketing-related content

Process For Submitting Your Article

Please keep in mind that we receive lots of inquiries every week and you should follow this particular format in order to submit your article:

  • First, read some of our articles on BALL in order to make sure that you are not pitching something we have already written. You can also do a search for your topic.
  • Email us at inquiries (at) [without spaces] with your content pitch.
  • Your pitch should contain your article topic and an overview of things you will cover in the blog post. Please keep your pitch short and to the point.

Topics You Can Write About

Although we are open to your content ideas, here are some of the topics that you should write about. Please ensure that your original content pitch matches the broader category of topics mentioned in the list below:

  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas
  • Facebook Advertising Best Practices & Tutorials
  • Google Adwords Best Practices & Tutorials
  • SEO Articles Related To Real Estate
  • Real Estate Inbound Marketing
  • Real Estate Conversion Optimization
  • Improving Prospecting Interviews
  • Real Estate Case Studies