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We offer the best lead generation and marketing automation service in the industry that is geared towards generating new clients for your business.
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What We Do For Real Estate Professionals?

We are focussed on making Real Estate agents/brokers become the digital mayor of your community. In order to help you dominate your local market, we work exclusively with one real estate professional per area. While our Local Leader® system is geared towards community-minded real estate agents, we do offer 3 additional services to maximize your marketing efforts in your target neighborhood.

Buyer and Seller Lead Generation

Lead generation is arguably the quickest way to get an ROI for your business. We will use a custom designed high converting landing page to generate more buyer and seller leads using Pay-Per-Click advertising. We have Google Adwords certified PPC marketers who will customize a lead generation campaign for your target area with the objective of getting the highest quality seller leads.

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Retargeting Ads For Real Estate Professionals

Not all website visitors are going to fill up the form and get in touch with you, the first time they visit your website. One of the most cost-effective ways to target these abandoned visitors is using retargeting ads. Retargeting or tag marketing allows you to show your ads on the internet when someone visits your website and leaves. Companies like Amazon and other e-commerce platform use retargeting ads to show you the latest products that you have been browsing. Retargeting ads are extremely effective in building a high brand value in your local community. Get in touch with us to learn how retargeting ads can help you generate more business and leads.

Marketing Automation Service

Marketing Automation is all about creating smart systems that run on autopilot within your existing ecosystem. Automation allows you to stay in touch with your entire email database without spending a minute of actual work. Smart automation triggers let you save massive time by automation most of the repeated tasks that you would do every day. If you are looking to integrate marketing automation within your professional workflow, we can help. We will analyze all the software that you are currently using and come up with a custom automation system that increases your efficiency.

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What Separates Us From The Rest of The Competition?

A lot of companies are doing lead generation out there. However, what separates us from the rest of the competition is that we offer the most competitive price point in the industry. Also, our campaigns are not generic. This means we have a unique marketing and design approach with each real estate professional we work with.

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Grant Findlay Shirras, Co-Founder & Creator Of The Local Leader® Marketing System

We created 3 new marketing services to help real estate professions across North America get more business and become successful in real estate. Our marketing experts will ensure that you get a report of your campaigns every month. I am a big believer in transparency myself. Most of the other companies out there will never give you the big picture report of how they are getting leads for you. Are they simply buying leads from somewhere else and reselling them or what budget are they implying on your monthly retargeting campaigns.

If you are interested in our services you can book a free consultation with me.

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