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How to Become Successful in Real Estate Business? Ask Arnold Hickey

how to become successful in real estate business

After starting a successful heavy equipment repair business, Arnold Hickey decided to make a change. He wondered how he could become successful in real estate business. 

In 2000, he decided to get into the real estate business in his native Edmonton, Alberta. In order to escape from the cold Canadian winters, Arnold eventually made the move to Phoenix, Arizona. Arnold has operated 2 brokerages and a mortgage lending company where he has hired and trained nearly 100 licensed real estate agents. 

Sometimes the Past Needs to Stay There

With 20 years of experience (and seeing a ton of industry changes), Arnold is confident that times do change. Strategies that may have paid off at one time no longer have the same impacts. In his business he has noticed that the following strategies don’t work like they used to:

Cold Calling

Door Knocking

Network Marketing Events

Arnold was a seasoned vet, but he was ready to set aside traditional tactics and try something new. 

Enter Parkbench.

Parkbench is a real estate lead and referral-generating platform that gives both new and seasoned real estate agents the tools they need to leverage connections in their community. Parkbench helps agents turn those connections into loyal and happy buyers and sellers.

Arnold Hickey Said Hello to a New Way to Connect

After signing up with Parkbench, Arnold faced the reality that basing your business on referrals requires a mindset shift. And he was ready for the challenge. Working with a unique platform like Parkbench has highlighted the following important features:

  1. Connecting with business owners gives you many connections: Business owners live in houses. Arnold discovered that making one stop at a business for an interview can make connections with 10 people at once (owners, employees, contractors). If he knocked on 10 doors, he would get 9 door slams and 1 potential client. Arnold realized that he had something of value for business owners by making it all about them and their business. 
  2. Parkbench gives you the chance to control your calendar: Connecting with business owners and community members happens on your time, not theirs. You often have people reaching out at the wrong time, but because you need those leads, you respond immediately. With Parkbench, you book interviews at a time that works best for you. This allows you to control your calendar and feel like you are in control of your business. 
  3. Building relationships is the key to longevity: Building relationships takes work. But if you are focused only on leads, you will continue to chase them. If you put your focus on solid relationship building, you will earn trust, which in turn will earn you referrals. Those long-term clients who trust you will send referrals your way. 

“Parkbench took me back to my grassroots: building relationships.” 

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