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How to Harness the Power of Video in Real Estate Marketing

video in real estate is effective because, to quote Michael Litt, the play button is the most effective CTA

Video Marketing in Real Estate With Grant Finlday-Shiras

How to capture attention and leads with video in real estate

It’s 2023. Video has long established itself as the most compelling medium for consuming information. It’s flashy. It’s fast. And it requires the least amount of energy from the viewer. That’s how we get stuck watching reel after reel… From tutorials and product demonstrations to virtual tours and property walk-throughs, video is a powerful tool for real estate agents. However, if your video content is focused solely on what you offer, you might be missing the opportunity here. A sound video strategy can help you build trust, engage your audience, grow your personal brand, and ultimately generate leads. In this article, we will explore the value of video content in geo farming and provide a list of the most effective ways to use it.

A Quick Caveat About Geo Farming

In case you need a reminder… Geo farming (AKA geographic farming) is a broad term for a specific real estate marketing strategy. In it, the real estate agent targets a particular neighborhood in an effort to establish themselves as the go-to agent. While the ultimate goal is to get sales, the purpose of geo farming is to get your name out there and build trust in your community. At Local Leader®, we are BIG proponents of geographic farming, especially when it’s done right. That’s because every successful real estate business is built at the local level. And that means geo farming works. For an in-depth look at how geo farming works as well as top strategies for 2023, check out this article

For how to level up your video strategy as part of your geo farming efforts, keep reading…

Why Video is King

Video has dominated all other content types since the advent of… well, video. And it’s no wonder! Not only is it more engaging than other forms of content, but it also has a higher retention rate. According to a study by HubSpot, 80% of users remember a video they’ve watched in the last month. This, compared to only 10% who remember reading a blog or an article. What is surprising is that the popularity of video continues to grow. There was a 95% increase in daily video views on Twitter over the last 18 months, to give just one data point. 

According to a survey by Wyzowl, 87% of marketers have found that video content has helped them generate a positive return on investment; 86% say that it has helped them generate leads; and 81% say it has helped to directly increase sales. What’s more, having a video on a landing page can increase conversions by as much as 80%

You get the point. Video is an effective marketing tool across industries.

The question is: how can you harness the power of video for your geo farming efforts?

In the real estate industry, video is an effective way to give value in exchange for attention. A compelling description and great photography can go a long way. But they both pale in comparison to even an average video. The truth is that the best way to experience something is to be there in person. However, the next best way is to see a moving picture. Virtual tours, property walk-throughs, and neighborhood overviews are all powerful vehicles an agent can use to engage their audience.

However, if your video strategy in your geo farm revolves only around your listings, you’re missing the bigger picture. The reality is that every property listing these days comes with a video. So, you’re just doing what everyone else is doing, and that won’t set you apart. What’s more, while your strategy probably helps to sell homes, it does little to sell you as an agent. From what we know about how homeowners decide on an agent (…which is a lot), you need to do more. You need to leave a personal impression, and that starts with building relationships.  

Video Content for Your Geo Farm – Capture More than Attention

A sound video strategy for geo farming begins with an understanding of your bigger picture goals. It’s important to remember why we’re advocating for geo farming in the first place. And that is to help you build relationships. So, use that as a lens to evaluate any video idea you may have. Ask yourself, “does this help me connect with a member of my community?” If the answer isn’t a resounding YES, consider moving the idea down the TO-DO list. But, if a video idea can not only help you connect but also add value to someone in your community… That’s when you’re cooking with fire. 

We’ve coached a lot of agents over the years on how to develop winning video real estate strategies. And while the styles and details vary from agent to agent, the best content shares many qualities in common. It’s authentic in nature, it’s shareable, and it serves more than just the interests of the agent. 

The top ideas for video in real estate  

1. Neighborhood Hotspots

Consider highlighting a local business as one of your content pieces. You could interview the owner and give them a spotlight to share what they would like their community to know. Not only does this help them promote their business, it also helps residents discover cool spots in their neighborhood. And you, as the agent, get to strengthen your relationship with both…

2. Community Leaders 

In the same vein as the idea above, interview a local organizer or community leader about what they’re working on. Chances are, they’d be more than happy to reach a larger audience. And, if they are truly a leader in the community, people are likely to care about what they have to say.

Pro Tip

If someone reaches out to ask a real estate question, chances are many others in your community have the same question. Consider recording a short video where you provide some insights on the subject at hand and share it with your community. You could even take this one step further and create a segment on your blog, website, or social media channels where you field relevant and interesting questions. This will not only establish you as an expert, it will grow your SOI.

Parkbench offers the best video marketing program for real estate agents, bar none. From strategy to scripts to step-by-step video editing tutorials, they turn any agent into a content generating powerhouse. What’s more, their program is guaranteed to convert leads. But don’t take our word for it. Book a free demo to see for yourself.

3. Market Insights

Hot markets are scary. Cold markets are scary. Really, any market can be intimidating. That’s because a real estate purchase or sale is one of the biggest financial decisions in a person’s life. As your neighborhood’s go-to agent, you can assuage anxieties by walking people through market movements. Explain what causes the housing market to heat up or cool down. Explain what they can expect in the long run. And explain how to identify emerging trends. Again, the more value you add, the more people will want to tune in.

4. Neighborhood Tours

Do you know someone with one of those cool drones? Aerial shots of neighborhoods are well loved by everyone. So are quick tours at a glance. This helps to build local pride and a shared sense of identity. Plus, it can be fun to feature all the reasons you love where you live and work!

5. Testimonials

Many agents feel uncomfortable asking for this, but happy customers are often happy to share about their experience. Consider reaching out to people for whom you’ve made a big difference and interviewing them about their experience. That way, the video will feel organic but they’ll also have the space to boast about your amazing service.

The Myths About Video in Real Estate

The good news is there is only good news in the world of video content in real estate. Before you decide it’s just not “you,” let’s dispel some myths:

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is you can do it. Also, we believe in you. But, if you would like a hand getting started, check out this Local Leader® video marketing masterclass. It’s incredibly comprehensive, beginner friendly, and covers everything you need to know. 


If you do it right, video content can be an invaluable tool for building community and getting noticed. Not only is it the most engaging form of content, it’s also easy to process and easy to share. And, with the growing availability of online tools, it is now easy to produce! Plus, if you need a hand getting started, we’re always here to help. Subscribe to our newsletter for more tips, insights, and free real estate resources.



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