June is winding down, along with the celebration of Homeownership Month. If you have yet to take advantage of sparking interest around homeownership during this time, now is your chance to do so. Agents who have been finding themselves in a bit of a dry spell when it comes to new leads can utilize the tips below in light of the current season of homeownership to hopefully pick things back up.

Build Engagement

Building engagement around the topic of homeownership is a great place to start if things have been slow for you as of late. Utilize both your professional and personal social media accounts to spark interest by posting market updates, past success stories, and daily homeownership facts. While these small things might not feel as though they have a significant impact, consistently sharing information on the value of investing in a home will definitely create extra interest. It might even be in your favor to share the history of Homeownership Month itself with your readership and followers. This will allow them to get a better understanding of why this time is celebrated in the first place.

Reach Out

Though you probably check in with your previous clients often, reaching back out again as summer months approach can’t hurt. The current competitive seller’s market is leaving many buyers discouraged, allowing more room for other agents to step in should they be unhappy with their current experience. Try drafting a message to your past success stories that offers your expertise to their friends and family who might be house hunting, and use this season of Homeownership Month as your reasoning for reaching back out. Beyond this, survey old clients by asking them what homeownership means to them on a personal level, and use what they have to share as engaging content for your social media channels/blog.

Create Content

Developing marketable and useful content for your reader base on the topic of homeownership can be a great way to connect with new leads online. There are probably many potential leads already viewing your channels that have avoided the topic of homeownership because they feel as though they’ll never be able to afford such a change, so why not target them? Try your hand at creating some content that allows readers to educate themselves on how they can in fact afford to be a homeowner. From a tailored blog post to a personalized infographic, the options are endless. Developing your own step by step guide for homebuyers is also a smart way to create content that readers will actually use, and hopefully share on their own platforms.

Share Resources

Are there resources you know potential leads might find helpful as they look for the right agent? If there’s a specific website you go to in order to keep up with market news or a blogger who offers great insights on the home owning process, why not share these resources with your followers? Beyond this, try looking for resources to share that will be helpful for any leads that might be interested in the future, but are struggling too much financially to afford a change. From forbearance options to rent relief information, doing your part to help individuals hit by the pandemic now can go a long way in the future when you need leads in the months to come. Be sure to also share the most affordable choices readers have to achieve this goal including where they can apply for homeownership grants and the right information on economical FHA loans. Such resources will truly empower potential leads with the information they need to envision their goals of becoming a homeowner, even if they might be experiencing financial difficulties.