For the second year in a row, Arvada REALTOR® Katie Roberts has completed the Parkbench 30 x 30 Challenge. Held nationally across the US and Canada, the month-long challenge is hosted by in an effort to support local businesses and fuel neighborhood growth.

Katie Roberts has been active in real estate for more than 7 years but hasn’t lost her enthusiasm for serving the Arvada community.

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Described by peers as a fierce negotiator, she became the exclusive Parkbench sponsor for Arvada in 2016, and continues to support local business through her self-produced video interviews.

Parkbench cofounder Grant Findlay Shirras explains the motivation behind the challenge:

“Neighborhoods build cities, cities build countries. When we help neighborhoods grow, we help make better cities, and eventually a better, stronger country. That’s the initiative behind Parkbench, which is why we’re so thrilled to have sponsors like Katie who get it, and want to be something more than just another REALTOR®.”

What Is The Parkbench 30 x 30 Challenge?

According to Roberts, the 30 x 30 challenge has been a crucial part of her success. Participating agents are required to complete 30 interviews with local business owners and post them on their Parkbench neighborhood platform. The interviews, published online as blog posts or video content, offer residents personalized insights into the struggles, achievements, and hopes of local entrepreneurs.

“There are so many Arvada business owners making personal sacrifices because they believe in the community and in their business. Most of the time I was able to interview people on the spot. I just love hearing their stories because it makes me appreciate Arvada and the people even more.”

Over 1000 real estate agents have been invited to participate in the Parkbench’s 30 x 30 challenge, generating added online exposure for small business owners in particular.

Roberts, who occasionally faced skepticism from a few local vendors, was determined to complete the challenge as a demonstration of her commitment to being Arvada’s #1 neighborhood specialist.

Breweries, farmers’ markets, salons, non-profits, and even local homeowners can all be found on her Arvada neighborhood website, sharing their personal stories of life and business in Arvada.

Katie Roberts doing interview

A Passion For Arvada

Despite a busy schedule, Katie felt it was important to complete the 30 x 30 challenge because of its impact on local business.

Says Roberts:

“The business owners I interviewed were all so grateful and that just motivates me to work harder. At first I thought it would be impossible but a teacher I interviewed used to say, ‘Lots of excuses, no real reasons’ and that has stuck with me.”

She describes Arvada as a unique, close-knit community, with business owners who are passionate about supporting the local economy.

After 7 years of real estate negotiations in Arvada, Roberts still glows when describing the community’s many attractive features:

“We have the best police force, the only one with an officer dedicated to senior citizens. Our performing arts center is nationally acclaimed, and you can enjoy the outdoors here 300 days a year. Where else can you enjoy such a quality lifestyle surrounded by caring people with fascinating stories to tell?”

Arvada’s Local Leader

As a result of her interviews, Roberts has gained new friends, clients and referral business. Branding herself as Arvada’s ‘local leader’, she leverages her website to open doors, meet people, and forge connections with others in her growing network:

“I use Parkbench to show clients my vast network. Having a Canadian presence in the US market distinguishes me from competitors. I market completely different because I publish video and blog articles on my Parkbench site for each interview. People see them, they get to know who I am, and they get to know the people behind the businesses in the area. I get more calls by sharing the link on social media than posting to Zillow.”

Roberts is still in the process of following up with the many vendors and business owners she has met. Local residents and business owners with a story to tell are encouraged to contact Katie on her local Arvada website.

Katie’s Advice For Fellow Parkbench Local Leaders

  • Take action now instead of later
  • It doesn’t mean much if you don’t follow through. Clients are looking for someone with a strong follow-through
  • Rejection is ok. Not everyone will be a proper fit. Some people objected to the interview because they were suspicious, couldn’t believe there was no strings attached’
  • ‘No’ isn’t always the final answer, it just means, “not now”, or “I don’t understand” so be persistent but genuine


Thanks to Katie Roberts, the residents of Arvada, Colorado have a kind and loyal advocate for all their real estate needs. Business owners benefit from the added exposure of her videos and interviews.

Best of all, Katie has gained valuable insights into Arvada’ history and its present, making her a true neighborhood specialist and Arvada’s outstanding ‘local leader’.  Congratulations Katie, and thank you for your tireless work ethic!