There are real estate agents who sell homes. And there are real estate agents who sell their community. Kathryn Timpson is distinguishing herself as a champion of Summit NJ and says she sees her Community as a potential epicenter of culture and diversity in the suburbs west of New York City.

Kathryn Timpson, a residential Realtor® with Coldwell Banker is helping people understand The City of Summit NJ using the latest in website technology and personal, mostly video, interviews.

A certified “At Home With Diversity” agent, Timpson has launched a Parkbench hyperlocal community website: “www.lifeisbest20mileswest.com” to showcase the stories of her town.

Utilizing her broadcast training in camera work and video editing, Timpson plans to create at least 4 interviews each month with businesses, individuals and programs that serve the Summit Community. She shares the stories on all of her social media to generate further interest for each interviewee.

Says Timpson of her efforts:

“The interviews I’ve been publishing and sharing online give people a chance to see for themselves who is actually involved in our Community. I get to share their stories, find out how their businesses or services operate and what they think the great things are about Summit. People both in the Community and outside of it get this great perspective.”

Timpson’s Parkbench website offers a directory of local businesses, schools, and services within Summit. Since launching in July 2018, Sweet Nothings, Summit Smiles, and The Collective are just a few of the businesses she has featured.

Visitors will also find property listings, events and Groupon deal coupons from local businesses. Substantial savings on everything from Thai cuisine to dance classes and local spas can all be found on the website daily. Local news is aggregated and updated daily from trusted online media sources, providing the most current local information.

Subscribing to the site enrolls visitors in a weekly newsletter which keeps people informed of new content; locals can contribute an article or event listing to the website. Business owners in particular, can claim a listing and add content (e.g. discount coupons, a logo, and product information) to Timpson’s website directly, all free of charge.

What Is A Parkbench Website?

Parkbench is the only service of its kind that specializes in building hyperlocal community websites, sponsored exclusively by real estate agents.

Founded in 2014 by husband and wife team, Grant Findlay Shirras and Amanda Newman, Parkbench has built over 10,000 websites across US and Canada. Parkbench also teaches agents how to leverage their neighborhood website to provide free exposure for local businesses.

Weekly coaching sessions with a Parkbench Success Coach equips agents with essential skills for booking interview candidates, producing and sharing their stories on social media.

So why is this real estate agent providing all this for FREE?

Summit’s Local Leader

As the exclusive sponsor or ‘local leader’ for Summit, NJ, Timpson is part of the growing Parkbench network of real estate agents seeking a unique way to build relationships with and add value to local businesses and individuals.

Timpson, who became a Parkbench sponsor early in 2018, describes herself as someone who loves to meet new people. With a background that includes broadcast journalism and public relations, she felt immediately that Parkbench was the ideal platform for sharing her own passion for Summit.


As Timpson explains:

“Since moving to Summit 5 years ago from a community just a few miles east, I feel like this small city really speaks to the trend of buyers who want to move from metropolitan to suburban communities without completely changing their lifestyle. People want a home with a yard, but they also want great restaurants, cultural events and highly rated schools. We have a bustling Downtown, better taxes than many local communities and this is a place where you know your neighbors.”

A member of the Women’s Council of REALTORS®, National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals®, and the National Association of Gay and Lesbian Real Estate Professionals, Timpson’s commitment to enhancing and welcoming diversity is central to her values.

“I grew up in Greenwich Village, saw a lot of diversity growing up, so I know firsthand how enriching it can be. A lot of people typically think of Summit as an affluent, very homogenous place but that’s not true and I want to help change that perception.”  

Timpson notes, “There are a large range of properties and prices in Summit. Buyers looking for starter homes can get them for the same prices, with lower taxes and better-rated education system than in towns which are currently very popular. With better parking and just a 40-minute commute to New York City, I think we are a stronger option.” Timpson notes it’s not just a community for home buyers. “People who have lived here for years may sell their home of 30 years, but remain in Summit because, more and more, the community is becoming the best of both suburban and metropolitan worlds.”


As the city of Summit continues to enhance its potential, Timpson hopes to become the #1 neighborhood specialist. She intends to continue sponsoring the website as a free resource to build relationships as a resident and a real estate agent.

“I’m inspired by the people I interview. The theme that, I hope shows through, is that they love the Summit area. The more I learn about Summit, the more helpful I can be to potential homebuyers as well as home sellers.”

If you’re a local business, service provider, organization or program that would like to be featured on Kathryn’s website. 

Are you a community-minded real estate agent? Claim your neighborhood on Parkbench today!