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We work exclusively with one agent/team per area and turn them into the most trusted agent by helping them do something totally different from the competition.


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What makes a Parkbench neighborhood website so valuable to Real Estate Professionals?  gathers all the information about a neighborhood from around the web and organizes it onto one easy-to-use platform for each neighborhood. We provide a comprehensive list of local events, deals, businesses neighborhood news. Visitors can find this information in 3 clicks or less. And you are on the side of every page of this local information.

Give value

We will build you your neighborhood website featuring you as the local Real Estate Professional

stand out

Stand Out

Using our unique relationship based marketing approach you will stand out in your community.

referral generation

Generate Referrals

Generate more referrals and grow your real estate business.

Relationships Are More Powerful Than Marketing


Increase Your Sphere Of Influence

With our system local business owners and professionals will be chasing you to get featured on the local neighborhood website.


1 Real Estate Professional Exclusively In Each Neighborhood

We only work with one real estate professional per neighborhood so the local website is exclusively yours.


Proven Real Estate Marketing Blueprints

We share lots of exclusive content and marketing guides to further expand your business. These techniques are tested and proven by other real estate professionals in our community. You also have 1-on-1 coaching to maximize your potential and achieve that year-end goal you have been aiming for.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a real estate professional you may be wondering how our system is different from traditional lead generation and other methods of marketing. Well, it’s not only different but extremely unique and the most important part is that it works and has been working for everyone who works in the real estate industry.

Do you work with all Real Estate Professionals ?
When a real estate agent or broker expresses interest in our platform we try to assess your current situation and overall goals in order to prepare a custom coaching program alongside your neighborhood website. However, we only work with real estate agents who are looking to go out there and make real world connections and follow our system. Most importantly we work with Real Estate agents who have the drive & the desire to expand their business in their target market.
How Soon Will My Website Be Ready?
Once we finalize your target market, your neighborhood website will be ready within 48 hours.
How are we different from Nextdoor?
Unlike NextDoor your website can be viewed by anyone looking to find news, deals and events in your local area without creating an account. We also have a full coaching team that hosts live webinars for our real estate agents every weekday. On top of that all agents get access to our full course and an invitation to our live masterminds. Last but not the least we have a 100% money back guarantee if you do not get a deal from Parkbench.


” I want to say as a real estate agent I have tried many different programs but I must say this one is my all time favorite. Not only is the concept remarkable and people love it but the training and support provided are beyond what I would have ever expected. “

Scott and Cherie Goldsmith

Real estate professional, Homestead Realty

I love Parkbench. I was looking for a lead generator and came across Parkbench! What a great idea! I love being involved with our community and getting to meet our business owners that help keep our community going. I feel this is a great platform that I will be using for many years.

Cheryl M. Henning

Real estate professional,, Century 21 Gold West Realty

This is our first full week with Parkbench and we are thrilled to have had four business interviews and have scheduled five additional interviews for next week! Not only does Parkbench have excellent customer service, the business owners we speak with thus far are excited that there Business will have additional exposure in hopes of increases there business!
It’s a great feeling to give back to our local communities in knowing that there exposure will increase as there is no cost to the business owners! It’s a great way to connect and build relationships and it’s a great way to help the local areas.

Laura & Aaron Shelvin

Real estate professionals, KW of the Treasure Coast

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